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Definition of Comfortable


(especially of clothes or furnishings) providing physical ease and relaxation.

The attractively clothed sports seats are comfortable and supportive and the driving position perfect for my small frame.

a warm quilt.

as large as is needed or wanted.

These funds and Social Security payments provide them with a comfortable monthly income.

Comfortable definition and meaning. What does Comfortable definination?

Example of Comfortable

  • Because we've become such an open society, people are more comfortable expressing their heritage.

  • He had in the mean time found a wife for himself after settling in life with a comfortable income leaving his past far, far behind.

  • He kept wanting to go to sleep, so I just made sure I kept talking to him and that he was comfortable .

  • He said he hopes to make a comfortable living from acting - that's his burning ambition.

  • He tried to move and make himself more comfortable , but the pain worsened and he lay back down, sparks flying behind his eyes.

  • He was dressed in expensive street clothes and comfortable shoes, ready for a day of expensive shopping.

  • How did you get to the point where you were comfortable expressing personal, painful feelings in your work?

  • How do you plan to manage your assets during retirement so that you can generate a comfortable income?

  • If you find yourself tossing and turning yet again, get out of bed and find a comfortable chair to rest in until you feel tired again.

  • In the end the margin of victory was comfortable enough, but for the departing Bangladeshis, it was very much their day.