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Definition of Coincide


occur at or during the same time.

The event will coincide with the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, which runs April 20-22.

Coincide definition and meaning. What does Coincide definination?

Example of Coincide

  • All these planes would then be found to coincide in one plane.

  • And I've seen in many countries terrorists and resistance groups try to set up events to coincide with various high points in the calendar.

  • For cloned sequences, variable positions do not coincide totally with those in direct sequences.

  • For what are contraries cannot coincide in one and the same subject.

  • Furthermore, they argue, times like our own, when the popular and electoral votes roughly coincide in their closeness, very rarely occur.

  • Here, love and ambition may be said to coincide in the most literal way.

  • Here, the conflicting political agendas coincide .

  • However, by building up detailed theories of each type, we may hope to find important links between them and perhaps even to discover that they coincide in at least some key respects.

  • In tandem with the tour a number of exciting public events are planned to coincide with the Sligo visit.

  • Interestingly, the slopes of humans and Drosophila nearly coincide in figure 4.