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Synonyms of Coerce


Definition of Coerce


persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.

No one else in any way threatened or coerced Jones, offered Jones a bribe, or even suggested that he shoot Smith.

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Example of Coerce

  • A strong family member, for example, might coerce the votes of weaker members of the family.

  • All kinds of groups use fear to terrorize the loners and coerce fealty from those who don't want to be a target.

  • Claims that hundreds of voters were coerced into handing over incomplete postal votes to party activists were made in the days running up to election day.

  • Constitutionally, the Treasury cannot coerce us into any action.

  • Despite repeated warnings from the police and the relatives about not letting strangers in she was just coerced into it.

  • For one thing, films basically force you to identify with characters; novels can't coerce you in the same way.

  • For so long I was a coercer , an enabler, a bad influence.

  • Have you been coerced into giving this confession by any government agency or official?

  • He refused to speculate as to the identity of the groups or individuals who had been behind the coercion .

  • His client still insists that she was coerced into committing the blackmail offences by her co-defendant.

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