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Synonyms of Caress


Definition of Caress


a gentle or loving touch.

With a caress far more gentle than any silk, he touched her tiny lips with his fingers after he lay her back down in the crib.

touch or stroke gently or lovingly.

she caressed the girl's forehead

Caress definition and meaning. What does Caress definination?

Example of Caress

  • ‘Don't ever do that again,’ he said quietly, his words gentle caresses against her ear as he bent down to reach her face.

  • A soft sound, maybe a laugh, then fingers touched the nape of my neck in a gentle caress .

  • And so, he simply guarded Grace, offering gentle caresses against her cheek or hand as the night slowly turned to morning.

  • As he passed her, he caressed her cheek with the palm of his hand and gently gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek.

  • Birds were chirping happily as the bright rays of the sun touched and caressed her skin.

  • For the first time in months I was cold, the gentle caress of the breeze put a smile on my face for the first time in days.

  • From sitar-like caresses to a sonic storm whirlwind, his unique style has inspired many other performers.

  • He gently took her hand in his and began softly caressing her it with his own.

  • He kissed her softly and placed a hand gently upon her cheek, caressing it with his thumb.

  • He ran his hand over her hair, in a gentle caress , while he held her.