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Definition of Careful


done with or showing thought and attention.

Once this is complete, careful testing will help Dione to avoid costly mistakes.

making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap, or harm; cautious.

Mack and Phil followed him, careful to avoid anything which would betray their position.

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Example of Careful

  • careful planning

  • A defendant would have to use careful language to avoid imputing guilt by a statement of suspicion.

  • Anti-speed campaigners in Guiseley have been rewarding careful drivers with a smile.

  • Apparently she was that she was a bit too careful with her money and died leaving millions of pounds.

  • As the election draws near I must be careful to avoid bias, such is the frightening influence of the diary.

  • Be careful and use caution and I trust you, yours too will be a positive experience.

  • Be careful with irony or sarcasm, especially if you are emailing someone abroad.

  • be very careful about what you say

  • By the way, I used to work for a chap who was tremendously careful with his money.

  • following careful consideration of the facts, ...

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