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Definition of But


an argument against something; an objection.

No excuses, no ifs and buts , enforcement is what we need.

except; apart from; other than.

She was too shaken and frightened to do anything else but feel safe in the arms of Peter Grayson.

no more than; only.

choose from a colorful array of oranges, cherries, and raspberries, to name but a few

used after an expression of apology for what one is about to say.

For that I can only apologise but it will be interesting to see who has missed the cut.

used to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated.

there was nothing they could do but swallow their pride

But definition and meaning. What does But definination?

Example of But

  • but can I tell you something?

  • but first tell me your version

  • but why?

  • Aden was a year older than herself and she never saw him as anything else but her goofy nerd friend.

  • But in a calibration of this sort he has little alternative but to take it as he finds it.

  • Each notice said that the Board had no alternative but to cut back production and reduce costs.

  • Fair enough, help out people in the Highlands who have no alternative but to drive.

  • For the water may clean you on the outside, but it cannot clean you on the inside if your heart is not pure.

  • he has nobody but strangers to talk to

  • he was a nice bloke but