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Definition of Bury


completely cover; cause to disappear or become inconspicuous.

You are probably buried in letters from people who are eager to spend money on this new film.

put or hide under ground.

It was stored at the main farm in large, cool wooden vats of sour whey which were partly buried in the ground.

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Example of Bury

  • A burial urn is a specific urn meant for being buried underground, like traditional caskets.

  • All he has ever done is bury his opponents and kill all of their heat.

  • And Agnes has some secrets of her own that the others would just as soon bury and forget.

  • As the man comes closer, you notice he is puffing at a pipe, while the other hand is buried deep in the pocket of his coat.

  • Ashley bit her lip and tried to hid her pain by burying her face in Tommy's shoulder, but it was obvious to all the men present that she was in agony.

  • Billy goes home and prepares a box to bury Old Dan in.

  • But it seems to me that what I am hearing is that, regardless of the details, there is a common thread between moms who have had to bury children.

  • Don't be like Halle Berry, burying herself in film projects and vowing never to marry again.

  • He needed to forget about Elizabeth and bury the love he still felt for her in a grave someplace.

  • he ran through to bury a right-foot shot inside the near post

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