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Synonyms of Brisk


Definition of Brisk


active, fast, and energetic.

The floor was covered up quickly with brisk , long strides.

Brisk definition and meaning. What does Brisk definination?

Example of Brisk

  • ‘Time to go, Cheri,’ Mrs Barnes chirped in brisk tones.

  • A cold, brisk wind fills the square on a grey Saturday afternoon.

  • Business here is often brisk , overseen by the effervescent proprietor who mans the steamy open kitchen.

  • Business was brisk at the Fair, with dealers selling several important sculptures on the first day itself.

  • By the time I visited, more than two-thirds of the flats had been sold, and business was brisk .

  • Darren had to hurry to keep pace with his father's brisk walk.

  • Having been used to arid, scorching heat, the brisk weather was both welcome and refreshing, if not a bit cold.

  • Her slow walked quickly turned into a brisk sprint as she ran for the front entrance.

  • If self-restraint at the feast isn't one of your virtues, a walk in the brisk air may help undo what you've overdone.

  • It's a light and breezy ground floor and mezzanine, doing brisk business on a weekday lunchtime.