Big Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of Big

Definition of Big



Regardless, I thought that was big of him to take the responsibility.

of considerable importance or seriousness.

The touchstone of a great captain and team management is the ability to make big decisions.

of considerable size, extent, or intensity.

All the tests have proved negative but the sample size is not big enough to draw any firm conclusions.

the major league in a professional sport.

He got his first taste of the bigs in 1995, but he didn't stick until '98.

Big definition and meaning. What does Big definination?

Example of Big

  • "You're a big boy. I'm going to make you a very big boy's present," she told him. "Big boys drive fire engines."

  • Anyone who runs a business but doesn't have a clear idea of how they will sell it or float it is making a big mistake.

  • diet makes a big difference to health

  • Growing up in the environment he did played a very big part in influencing his direction.

  • He is so big over here in Europe, I'm not sure the Americans realise just how big.

  • He said, you'll have to take a big cut in salary and you'll have to start at the bottom.

  • How might a small software company with big ambitions draw vast amounts of free advertising press coverage?

  • I have always been a big fan of stories about different background and cultures to my collection.

  • I try to keep my legs together, keep tension on my big toes and almost tilt my feet in.

  • I'm a big fan of yours, Neil, and have been for a long, long while, but something lately has been bothering me.