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Synonyms of Backer


Definition of Backer


a person, institution, or country that supports something, especially financially.

The company said that it had folded because it could not find a financial backer as it had been losing more compensation claims than it was winning.

Backer definition and meaning. What does Backer definination?

Example of Backer

  • ‘Our counter-parties are big financial institutions, so it would clearly help to have a big institution as a backer ,’ he said.

  • a struggle to find a new financial backer

  • Ante-post backers with the traditional High Street bookmakers were hit by the withdrawals of several horses with big chances.

  • Cancer drugs typically take six to eight years to be approved, which makes it vital to have supportive long-term backers .

  • Couldn't a major motion picture star be accommodated within his working methods if his financial backers were to make such a demand?

  • financial backer

  • First of all, they need clearance from their backers , financiers, who must give the seal of approval.

  • For the League to enforce its will, it needed the support of its major backers in Europe, Britain and France.

  • In future, Labour will have to turn back to its traditional financial backers - the trades unions - for cash.

  • In the process, the management and its financial backer pocketed a huge profit.