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Definition of Authoritative


able to be trusted as being accurate or true; reliable.

There isn't an exhaustive amount of authoritative or reliable information about his life, and there is an exhaustive amount of confusing folklore.

commanding and self-confident; likely to be respected and obeyed.

‘Bring him to me,’ she commanded, her voice authoritative and unwavering.

Authoritative definition and meaning. What does Authoritative definination?

Example of Authoritative

  • ‘Bring him to me,’ she commanded, her voice authoritative and unwavering.

  • An authoritative German voice crisped the air, asserting itself above the general drone.

  • But its contents elevate it to the status of an authoritative book.

  • But there are more authoritative and accurate sources on which to spend your money.

  • Clinic staff may be seen as authoritative sources of prevention information.

  • For years and years, they have been the most authoritative and the most reliable sources of information in their communities.

  • He held himself regally, an authoritative air surrounding him as he walked up to the group, his eyes holding amusement.

  • Henry, fighting the urge to just disappear and let the battle rage on, shifted somewhat pompously and very self-confidently into a loud authoritative voice.

  • His imposing physical stature is matched by an authoritative voice and the appearance of absolute confidence in his convictions.

  • His tone was so authoritative that, after a moment's thought, I obeyed.