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Synonyms of Attitude


Definition of Attitude


a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

she took a tough attitude toward other people's indulgences

Attitude definition and meaning. What does Attitude definination?

Example of Attitude

  • being competitive is an attitude of mind

  • But the British attitude to the private provision of public services is more complex than this.

  • Clarence the Alsatian with attitude , lay in the small patch of afternoon sunlight that made it into his enclosure.

  • Despite all that, it remains a strong exhibition of work with attitude .

  • he changed his attitude

  • He controls the spacecraft's attitude jets and thrusters, while the engineer keeps a lookout and pays attention to the timing.

  • he has a positive attitude towards work

  • He started working as a reporter, but relaunched himself in his twenties as a motoring writer with attitude .

  • he stood there in an attitude of prayer

  • he was questioned on his attitude to South Africa

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