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Definition of Arbitrary


based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

his mealtimes were entirely arbitrary

Arbitrary definition and meaning. What does Arbitrary definination?

Example of Arbitrary

  • arbitrary rule by King and bishops has been made impossible

  • Any system of classification is arbitrary and thus frail, subject to the contradictions of experience.

  • But Plato tells us that the ethical laws cannot be the arbitrary whims of personalized gods.

  • But why should we give that arbitrary power to any civil servant?

  • Citizens, too, began to complain that the economic system was bafflingly arbitrary .

  • Curbs were placed on the arbitrary exercise of power and steps were taken to give some measure of regularity to the legal system.

  • Freedom from arbitrary power is a great good - but so is the avoidance of anarchy.

  • He defined differential operators of arbitrary order D t.

  • He was an eloquent opponent of the exercise of arbitrary power by governments the world over.

  • his mealtimes were entirely arbitrary

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