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Definition of Apprehension


anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.

I had some apprehensions the night before, and some concerns as they prepped me, and started to put me out.

the action of arresting someone.

Authorities made the apprehensions for immigration law violations, not sex crimes.

understanding; grasp.

the pure apprehension of the work of art

Apprehension definition and meaning. What does Apprehension definination?

Example of Apprehension

  • A protection finding is based upon the situation that existed at the time of apprehension and not at any later date.

  • Because interpretation is as much grounded in emotional apprehension as it is in cognitive reflection, we interpret by default as well as by design.

  • Consciousness requires the simultaneous apprehension in one's mind of multiple sensory features pertaining to a single scene or object.

  • Experiences are grasped through either apprehension or comprehension.

  • he felt sick with apprehension

  • He should have been serving a sentence now and he has avoided apprehension .

  • his first apprehension of such large issues

  • His testimony takes various forms: an interview with a journalist in South America before his apprehension ; memoirs and evidence at his trial.

  • How public was the juvenile's arrest, apprehension , or the incident that landed the juvenile in the public eye?

  • If this Court accepts that section 38 is applicable, then it is not a reasonable suspicion or reasonable grounds of apprehension giving rise to the arrest.

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