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Definition of Appetite


a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food.

While hunger and appetite are often experienced together, when we are hungry and want a particular food, appetites for foods can occur in the absence of hunger.

Appetite definition and meaning. What does Appetite definination?

Example of Appetite

  • Activity that expresses the virtue of moderation is also excellent activity when it comes to the bodily appetites .

  • an unquenchable appetite for life

  • Apparently, some people even lose their appetites if otherwise good food is served with an unexpected color.

  • As a taster of what's to come, this comes close to completely satisfying the appetite .

  • Did the film whet your appetite for another long, epic story of love, loyalty and bloody warfare?

  • Ever longed for that in-between meals treat, but don't want to ruin a healthy appetite for punk rock?

  • He had a great appetite for working on the land and was in ready demand around the locality.

  • He had an immense appetite for life and loved gadgetry of all sorts, especially cars and boats.

  • he has a healthy appetite

  • her appetite for life

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