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Definition of Amplify


increase the volume of (sound), especially using an amplifier.

The report of a rifle is reduced to at least 92 decibels, but at the same time quieter sounds are amplified .

Amplify definition and meaning. What does Amplify definination?

Example of Amplify

  • And they say they have some sort of gear I can wear that will amplify neural signals or something and will help too.

  • But current policies amplify this set of circumstances.

  • By placing the sample to be analyzed inside a laser's light amplification cavity, the Soviet scientists found they could amplify faint signals from just a few molecules of gases that would otherwise go undetected.

  • Collectively, its editorials, columns and Op-Eds have served mainly to reinforce, amplify and promote the Administration's case for regime change.

  • Finally, good sound systems only amplify bad sound.

  • For centuries native tribesmen in remote areas of Ghana, South Africa have utilized an assortment of herbs for their ability to amplify virility, heighten sexual potency and promote strength before battle.

  • He said after issuing the draft forensic report in April, ‘I deemed it necessary to amplify some issues.’

  • If you are trying to amplify a signal, you may be just amplifying this noise.

  • Many respondents wrote extensive and illuminating commentaries to amplify their yes or no responses, which make the data far richer than the simple percentages given above.

  • One of the very best ‘demonstration’ examples is hearing protectors that amplify natural sounds, yet protect the ears against harmful noise.

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