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Definition of Amass


gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable material or things) over a period of time.

He amassed a fortune through dubious means, yet cracked down on corruption

Amass definition and meaning. What does Amass definination?

Example of Amass

  • ‘They are great amassers of power, which they have leveraged for wealth,’ said one former high-ranking golf administrator.

  • A group, which even has its own website, is amassing in a region called Sulawesi.

  • And who was this Evans, this wealthy connoisseur, benefactor and amasser of valuables?

  • Aristotle was an industrious collector who amassed a prodigious quantity of information on a vast variety of topics.

  • But eventually you're out there playing shows all the time, and you amass enough material, and you think it's time to sink or swim and take it seriously.

  • But he failed to answer questions that the Treasury had amassed four billion pounds extra in tax through the increases.

  • By the time the opposition amassed its figures of discrepancy, most of the groups had filed their reports and left.

  • He amassed a fortune through dubious means, yet cracked down on corruption

  • He found the most beautiful ring, and amassed a huge amount of knowledge on the subject.

  • His firm has amassed its billions mainly from large institutional clients and pension funds.

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