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Synonyms of Alarming


Definition of Alarming


be fitted or protected with an alarm.

Is the building alarmed ?

cause (someone) to feel frightened, disturbed, or in danger.

Clearly the content of this speech was chilling, but what alarms me more is the cold robotic way he delivered it.

worrying or disturbing.

On the surface, the report could appear alarming .

Alarming definition and meaning. What does Alarming definination?

Example of Alarming

  • A number of investors have expressed concern at an alarming headline last week.

  • Even pedestrians, she says, find Auckland's congestion alarming .

  • I found the whole programme extremely interesting in some ways, yet alarming in others.

  • Insurance companies are warning drivers not to be heroes following the outbreak of an alarming new trend in car crime.

  • On the surface, the report could appear alarming .

  • our countryside is disappearing at an alarming rate

  • Such a policy will only worsen the already alarming housing situation.

  • The identities of the hijackers were provided by the FBI with alarming speed, some almost immediately.

  • The plight of children under 5 years of age was particularly alarming .

  • The trade in souvenirs made of sea turtle shells has reached an alarming level.