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Definition of Agree


be consistent with.

These data partially agree with our results but cannot be made completely consistent.

consent to do something that has been suggested by another person.

Magistrates cannot order that people be removed to hospital unless the hospital authority agrees to accept them.

have the same opinion about something; concur.

The one thing everybody agrees on is Lara's exceptional ability and concentration.

Agree definition and meaning. What does Agree definination?

Example of Agree

  • After all, does anyone go to a blog for a discussion of issues that most people agree on?

  • After negotiation, we agree a set of terms under which the autopsy will be performed.

  • By adding a comment on this post you are agreeing to abide by this set of standards.

  • By far the most dangerous form of transport, just about everybody agrees .

  • do you agree with capital punishment?

  • I agree that consumers are always right

  • I completely agree with your recent editorial

  • I don't agree with random drugs testing in schools

  • I'm not sure I agree with abortion

  • I'm sure you agree with this philosophy, despite how painful it must be in this case.