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Definition of Advance


a development or improvement.

decades of great scientific advance


a forward movement.

For the first time during the Great Patriotic War, it was decided to use mobile obstacle construction detachments to support the advance of tank corps.

an amount of money paid before it is due or for work only partly completed.

The advance on a book, except for a few hundred authors internationally, tends to be not very much.

an approach made to someone, typically with the aim of initiating a sexual encounter.

Although only 20 years old, Hope has already started making amorous advances to Cathay.

done, sent, or supplied beforehand.

It will use advance passenger information supplied by airlines before their arrival ‘to screen and record individuals as they enter and leave the UK’.

Advance definition and meaning. What does Advance definination?

Example of Advance

  • advance notice

  • advance payment

  • A man can lose a contract from publishers by spending their advance on finishing a book for another publisher.

  • After the position was organized, he led an assault approximately 15 yards from the final objective, when enemy fire halted the advance .

  • All very well if Telecom shares advance in the first week, as is, admittedly, widely expected.

  • Allow me, therefore, to advance a theory based upon sound research and to propose recommendations sure to bring about a substantial reduction in these criminal acts.

  • an advance from the bank

  • And so, day after day, year after year, God continues to advance his plan for his beloved creation.

  • As the farmers' loan repayment problems mounted, how were they to convince the banks to advance additional money to allow them buy more cattle and keep their farms working?

  • But to advance our knowledge such views need to be supported by rigorous analytical reasoning and the dispassionate gathering of cases and data.