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Definition of Accept


believe or come to recognize (an opinion, explanation, etc.) as valid or correct.

Professional practice may change over time so that what was once accepted as the correct procedure is no longer considered to be respectable or responsible.

consent to receive (a thing offered).

For me, that moment was walking up the steps to the podium to accept the World Cup at home in Paris.

Accept definition and meaning. What does Accept definination?

Example of Accept

  • All with the convenience of a card that has your name on it and is accepted anywhere they accept Visa.

  • And if it does, you can't expect everyone to stand around and accept you as you are.

  • As Americans now contemplate the road ahead, they need to accept three unpleasant facts.

  • did he accept the money?

  • For my part I would accept those propositions as broadly correct.

  • He also urged councillors to accept the proposals for new special schools, which would also bring new primary schools.

  • He said the union had no option but to accept the company's proposals.

  • he should accept that it's over

  • he would accept their offer and see what happened

  • However, official statistics show that there are just 3107 locations that accept Visa cards in Bulgaria.