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Definition of Abhor


regard with disgust and hatred.

They come under his jurisdiction, it is true, but he personally abhors those acts.

Abhor definition and meaning. What does Abhor definination?

Example of Abhor

  • Allowing companies to choose their compliancy would satisfy both adorers and abhorrers of the law.

  • But politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum and it stands to reason that there must be a vacancy for a party of the right in Scotland, just as in every other European nation.

  • Charles, God bless him, abhors violence and loves dialogue.

  • He abhors anything that adds to the cost of doing business, and politicians who show insufficient urgency about tackling the wider threats to business.

  • He abhors footballers becoming TV presenters.

  • He abhors the fast food culture and, as a student, can't understand why many of his peers are content to be couch potatoes.

  • He is a driven man who abhors the notion that sport is not about the winning, but the taking part.

  • Healthcare professionals abhor politicians' interference in the NHS.

  • However, it obviously cannot involve either, because the university is famously progressive, and hence abhors both sins.

  • I make this prediction based on what we know about biology, which is that natures abhors uniformity.

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