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Definition of Abdicate


(of a monarch) renounce one's throne.

Most of the rumors have old roots, going back to before King Edward VIII even abdicated his throne for Wallis Simpson.

fail to fulfill or undertake (a responsibility or duty).

the government was accused of abdicating its responsibility

Abdicate definition and meaning. What does Abdicate definination?

Example of Abdicate

  • Bradford licensing justices said that he had abdicated his duties as licensee to his brother Michael and his partner Claire.

  • By abdicating its political responsibility the central cabinet seeks the Supreme Court's intervention to resolve the dispute.

  • Edward VIII abdicated after a reign of 325 days, in favour of his brother, the Duke of York, who became King George VI.

  • Following this the proud king abdicated his throne to his son Anandapala and committed suicide by climbing onto his own funeral pyre.

  • He abdicated his role of objective journalist by repeatedly asking the envoy leading questions, loaded with venomous descriptions of the prime minister.

  • He cannot envisage himself abdicating his moral responsibility in the matter.

  • Hindenburg also used his huge influence to persuade Kaiser Wilhelm to abdicate and to go to Holland.

  • If the Tsar had abdicated , what would happen to us?

  • If we abdicate our roles as adults, it will be media and peers that educate our kids.

  • In 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated as French Emperor and was banished to Elba.