Word list Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of
irreligious person into pieces whacking great dirty great thumping great whopping great off the rails knock someone sideways blow one's lid/stack do one's nut go spare go crackers go psycho go nonlinear lose one's rag blow a fuse/gasket blow one's top go up the wall go bananas go wild go into a rage become enraged become very angry driving power declare to vow to give one's assurance to give one's word to swear to pledge to affirm to confirm to certify to prove to taking away taking over be given to understand be of the opinion draw the inference come to the conclusion take it as given pot-pourri motley collection random selection rub shoulders fellow conspirator get stuck in with muck in with give someone a leg up save someone's skin save someone's bacon get someone out of a tight spot pitch in with handing down passing on making over put a value on insistence on give one's permission/leave give one's seal/stamp of approval to concur in flock together complete series sexual misconduct physical attack violent act actual bodily harm (physical) violence rough up do over knock into the middle of next week putting/doing to death be the victim of be prey to be ambitious set one's sights on have as one's goal/aim seek (to) hunger for/to have the objective of expect (to) want (to) wish for/to set one's heart on hanker after/for/to yearn for/to long for/to hope for/to aim for/to desire (to) be hostile toward frown on with disfavor with disapproval with doubt with distrust with misgivings with suspicion request the pleasure of someone's company have someone over/round port in a storm safe haven safe keeping parenthetical remark throwaway line casual remark stage whisper on dry land on (the) land on the beach toward the shore onto the shore onto (the) land blame on give the credit for muni desert saint make certain of dig out/up ferret out get/come to know in the ascendant rising (in power) slope upwards take to the air fly up shin up rise (up) come/go/move upwards make one's/its way up come/go/move up in the (same) manner that the (same) way in the (same) way that functioning as acting as in the role of heavy weaponry heavy weapons setting forth that bends piece of merchandise high road main/trunk line main/trunk road main/trunk route creative activity fine art make free with sense of superiority new money the new rich the nouveau riche self-seeker new girl new boy under the table taking into custody come to terms about come to an agreement settle on make preparations for prepare for make arrangements for pencil in sow the seeds of draw forth call/bring into being in all directions in/to all parts of everywhere in here and there in military supplies war machines instruments of war weapons (of war) naval force fit up silver-spoon member of the upper crust top person titled men/women/people the patriciate the establishment the privileged class the ruling class the upper class the gentry the peerage the nobility give reasons for make a case for mad keen building consultant most characteristic circular section/line shady place act as peacemaker make peace step in