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Definitions of deck


a component or unit in sound-reproduction equipment that incorporates a playing or recording mechanism for discs or tapes.

I've done very technically accomplished mixes on home hi-fi equipment - two hi-fi decks and a tape recorder.

a pack of cards.

I really knew nothing about gambling until I started work on the show, I did not even know how to shuffle a deck of cards.

a structure of planks or plates, approximately horizontal, extending across a ship or boat at any of various levels, especially one of those at the highest level and open to the weather.

This was possibly the most dangerous place on the ship, other than the open decks .

decorate or adorn brightly or festively.

He too was decked out in a sailor outfit, which matched his little brother's.

knock (someone) to the ground with a punch.

They said nothing, but one guy in front took a step forward and decked me.

deck definition and meaning. what is the definitions of "deck"?